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Florida’s cities are incredibly diverse, offering an array of activities and cultural experiences to visitors and locals. Every city is vibrant and bustling with attractions at every corner. Come for one of the many sporting events held at Daytona Raceway, and stay for excitement of a city filled with art, history, and dining in Miami. Discover the best places to visit in Florida.


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Are you traveling to a city for a professional event? Our bus line takes you right to the center of downtown of a few popular cities such as Miami, Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa Bay, and to many of the hotels that host conferences and conventions in each of the cities.


Entertainment & Amusement Parks


Each of the beautiful cities in Florida have many attractions and entertainment for all. Florida’s hottest attraction, and not just for kids and families any more, is Walt Disney World in Orlando. The magic of Disney has not worn off over the decades as millions of visitors flock here each year to enjoy the Magic Kingdom and the many other attractions of this mega amusement park.

Much like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando has long been an important part of family vacations to Florida. This huge amusement park features to dolphin and whale shows, opportunities to experience close up encounters with marine life and see a wide variety of species in the various tanks, and also offers thrill rides for all ages.




The Everglades National Park is the second largest in the country after Yellowstone and the largest subtropical wilderness in the continental U.S. It is a 1.5 million-acre tract of marshy land and swamp and an important and fragile ecosystem that supports alligators, American crocodiles, Florida panthers, deer, turtles, egrets, manatees, river otters and many other species. The whole area is composed of a wide, shallow river that flows from Lake Okeechobee to the Bay of Florida. The bottom of this river is porous limestone over top of a bedrock base called the Tamiami Formation. It catches rainfall and acts as southern Florida’s main water reservoir. The park was created in 1947 after environmentalists finally convinced the government that the Everglades were vitally important to the balance of nature.


The Fun Doesn’t End There


There is truly an endless amount of activities to indulge in many cities in Florida. Even if

you are going for a specific event, take some time to visit one of the cities many parks. Make

some time to stop at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral, and experience an interactive tour dedicated to the many space shuttle launches. Make your way to Miami delicious food, and unique shopping. Florida promises something for everyone, and Baron’s

Bus Promises to get you there safely and comfortably!




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