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Chartering a school bus for your group transportation is appealing for several reasons. People looking to save money will look into what it takes to rent a school bus. Typically charter bus rentals for school buses are a cost effective alternative to coach buses when you’re only looking at the initial price.

Sometimes customers are looking to relive the nostalgia of riding on a school bus for a night on the town. In this article, we’ll explain why Barons Bus’ luxurious coach bus services are a better choice, even for short distance shuttle services.

We have air conditioning.
Do the wistful memories of your childhood school bus riding experience include the steamy sauna-like conditions you had to endure in the late spring? Do you remember travelling in an ice box on your winter field trips? While it’s true some school buses used for charter purposes have been modified to accommodate for some rudimentary climate control, none of them are going to match the comfort and amenities found in our motor coach charter buses.

Safety and Comfort.
Think back to your grade school days again. Do you remember having seatbelts on those flat bench seats? Now think about how rough that ride was. Recall how you had to yell to maintain a conversation. Think about the paper-thin walls separating you and the outside air.

Our memories of school bus travel may be endearing, but think about your friends and loved ones traveling with you to your special group event. Make sure they’re traveling in a comfortable, safe and reliable motor coach as opposed to a giant sardine can with hard benches.

Barons Bus is in the business of charter bus ground transportation for small or large groups. Whether you’re looking for a charter bus for a tour across the country or event busing for your bachelorette party, our charter bus agents are standing by to assist. Call (888) 378-3823 or request your bus charter quote online today!

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