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The Barons Bus Lines Rider’s Guide

You've decided to ride like royalty! We are here to make your travel as stress-free as possible. The following sections describe the rules and regulations when traveling as a Barons Bus passenger.

Purchasing Your Ticket

  1. Online: Use the Bus Tickets page.
  2. Phone: Call our friendly bus ticket agents at 888-378-3823.
  3. Ticketing Locations: Tickets may be purchased in person at most of our ticketing locations.

Bus Transportation Rules and Expectations

Getting On the Bus. Please arrive at the bus stop 15 minutes prior to the departure time. Seating is on a first-come, first served basis. Please do not wait in cars if possible. For bus charters, bus stop and pick-up arrangements will be made at the time you rent the bus.

Along the Way. Our buses are equipped with wireless internet, air conditioning, an on-board restroom, reclining seats with headrests, footrests, and tinted windows. Feel free to bring reading material, radio headsets, and a small pillow for your comfort. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be carried on board for personal consumption.

Electronic Devices. Radios, laptops, and other electronic items may be carried on board, provided they do not disturb fellow passengers and that headphones are used.

Disabilities. Customers with disabilities who need travel assistance should call (888) 378-3823 at least 48 hours prior to departure.

On-board Restrictions. All passengers should remain seated while the bus is in motion. For everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask passengers to follow certain restrictions while on board: No smoking. No alcohol. No illegal drugs. No weapons. No unruly behavior.

Company Privacy. Photography, video, or audio recording of Barons Bus personnel, equipment, or procedures is prohibited.

Animals. No dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will be transported. However, a service animal, trained for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person, will be permitted to travel with the disabled person at no additional charge.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Every effort will be made to maintain operations during adverse weather conditions, however, safety is our primary concern. Barons Bus reserves the right to delay or cancel service. Call for up to date weather information or follow us on Facebook for breaking news updates.

Child Travelers

Any passenger under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by another passenger at least 17 years of age or older at all times. Passengers that are 12 to 16 years of age may travel unaccompanied at full adult fare when certain conditions are met in their entirety.
If any of the below conditions are not met, then the passenger must be accompanied by a passenger at least 17 years of age or older in order to travel.

  • The passenger’s trip will begin and end on the same schedule (no transfers).
  • The passenger’s trip will be no longer than eight (8) hours in duration, and must occur between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • The person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form (located below) who is providing the child transport to the departure bus stop must stay with the child until the bus arrives.
  • The child must have and carry with them a copy of the Unaccompanied Child Form, signed by the child’s parent, legal guardian, or custodian, giving them permission to travel.
  • The person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form who is meeting the child at the destination bus stop must be at the destination bus stop prior to the bus’s scheduled arrival.
  • The person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form who is meeting the child at the destination stop must have positive photo identification, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID card. Without such identification, the child will be released into the custody of Child Protective Services or to local law enforcement.
  • The child’s parent or legal guardian must contact at (888) 378-3823 at least 24 hours in advance of the travel date.
  • The parent, guardian or legal custodian of the child must complete and sign the Unaccompanied Child Form authorizing the child to make the trip. This form lists the departure and destination locations of the child’s trip, as well as the name, contact details, and signature of the person who is authorizing the trip (the child’s parent, guardian, or legal custodian), and the name and contact details of the person meeting the child at the destination bus stop. It also provides an emergency contact name and telephone number in the event it is needed.

Download Unaccompanied Child Form

Child Safety Seats

Customers are welcome to use child safety seats on Barons. However, if the bus is full, the seat space may need to be purchased. You should ensure that your child seat has been approved for use in a motor vehicle, and is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

You are responsible for providing the strapping or webbing manufactured by an approved child seat manufacturer. An “Appropriate Booster Seat” is a secured insert seat designed to raise a child to the correct height for safely using a standard adult shoulder belt. A description of appropriate booster seats is available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You are also responsible for securing your child in the child seat.

Onboard Restrictions

All passengers should remain seated while the bus is in motion. For everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask passengers to follow certain restrictions while on board.

  • No smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • No alcohol.
  • No illegal drugs.
  • No objects defined as (or intended to be used as) a weapon. No guns, knives, sharp objects, or anything defined as a weapon will be allowed while riding Barons Bus scheduled services.
  • No physical or sexual contact with drivers or other passengers.
  • No unruly behavior.
  • No use of obscene, profane, or indecent language.
  • No hazardous materials (see restricted items).
  • No passenger is allowed to solicit for any contributions.
  • Do not open windows.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.

Permitted Baggage

Each passenger is allowed one (1) piece of checked baggage. Additional pieces of baggage will be accepted if space is available. Extra checked baggage will be charged a minimum of $15 per bag.

In general, acceptable baggage includes suitcases, duffel bags, toolboxes, trunks, and securely tied cardboard boxes. A plastic and/or a paper bag is not acceptable as checked baggage. Baggage must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height).

One (1) carry-on bag plus one (1) small personal item can be taken on board for each adult or child. All carry-on bags must fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

Personal-type items include purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, laptops, etc.

Carry-on bag must be 25 pounds or less and is limited to the dimensions of 10 x 16 x 24 inches.

The following items are not considered carry-on bags or personal-type items and are not counted against the “one-bag plus one personal-type item” limit:

  • A child restraint device for a ticketed child with a reserved seat or when complimentary, available space exists.
  • Mobility devices for individuals with a disability.
  • Outer garments or other wearable articles of clothing.
  • Food for consumption during your trip.
  • Walking canes or umbrellas.

Passengers are responsible for transferring their own bags if they are changing buses. Baggage assistance is available upon request if staffing is available to assist.

All baggage must have a claim check and identification tag. This will be given to passengers at the terminal or will be provided by the bus driver.

The bus driver will open the luggage and storage compartment, assist passengers in loading and unloading baggage in appropriate luggage storage compartment, and close luggage compartment after all handling of baggage is complete.

Note: If you are traveling on with Greyhound or another carrier, you may want to check their baggage policies.

Lost Luggage: We do not offer coverage for lost baggage. We do not accept any liability for unchecked baggage. Call for more information if your baggage is missing so we can try to assist in locating your baggage.

Prohibited Items

These items are prohibited on checked or carried baggage:

  • Ammunition
  • Animals (other than service animals)
  • Combustible liquids or materials (e.g. gasoline)
  • Compressed gases
  • Corpses
  • Cremated remains
  • Explosives or explosive materials (e.g. dynamite)
  • Firearms of all types (Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law will be enforced)
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable liquids
  • Hazardous or toxic materials (e.g. volatile chemicals, poisons, radioactive materials, etc.)
  • Large bulky items (e.g. furniture or extremely large boxes)
  • Materials with a disagreeable odor
  • Matches
  • Merchandise for resale
  • Protruding articles, or any unsecured articles including those in plastic or paper bags are prohibited
  • Vaporous materials (e.g. Pesticides)

Prohibited checked items (they CAN only be carried on board)

  • Electronic equipment (televisions, stereos, gaming devices, laptop computers, computers, etc.)
  • Film (flammable)
  • Perishable items (food)
  • Money
  • Prescription medication

If you are traveling beyond the Barons service with another carrier such as Greyhound, please check that company’s Prohibited Items List as it may differ from Barons.

Passenger Behavior

Disruptive passengers will not be tolerated on Barons Bus. Unruly behavior is unfair to other passengers and a distraction to the driver. In the event that a passenger is disruptive the driver will request that the problem passenger cease the behavior immediately. Passengers who continue objectionable behavior will be reported to the dispatcher (who may contact law enforcement officials) and be taken to the nearest public place and asked to leave the bus. Disruptive behavior may result in denial of future service.

Barons Bus Refund Policy

Our tickets are non-refundable, but Barons Bus will in some cases refund valid tickets. Tickets are valid up to time and date of travel. You may also have a valid ticket reissued for a fee . Ticket refund requests must be postmarked by date of travel. We ask that you mail your tickets with a letter explaining the reason for refund . Be sure to include your mailing address and a phone number where you can be reached if we have any questions.

There are no refunds on:

  • missing the bus
  • partial tickets
  • reissued and canceled tickets
  • partial group tickets (when multiple tickets are issued under one confirmation number)
  • delayed bus schedules (unless schedules are delay more than 12 hours; see extenuating circumstances below)
  • tickets with other carrier's name at the top

Extenuating circumstances include:

  • Immediate family death. Refund request must contain the family member's name, relationship to the customer, and a copy of obituary or death certificate.
  • Illness. Request requires a letter (on a licensed physician's letterhead) confirming that travel was not recommended on the travel date due to the customer's illness.
  • Jury Duty. Requires a copy of customer's jury summons.
  • Military Service. Requires a copy of customer's original orders.
  • Canceled or delayed bus schedule. If on another carrier, customer must provide documentation.

If your request is approved, a refund (less cancellation fees) will be issued in the form of a check. This process can take 4 to 6 weeks, depending on when we receive your request. Send refund requests to: Barons Bus, PO Box 31088, Independence, OH 44131


Barons Bus pledges to you, our passenger, a safe, reliable, and comfortable traveling experience. The linchpin in this promise is our dedicated, highly-trained, and courteous operators and support staff who, through clearly defined procedural and instructional manifests ensure a clean, comfortable, and safe ride in all situations, including emergencies. Outlined below is that manifest with a brief, step-by-step description of how we implement it.

I. You have the right to a safe ride, every time

  • Barons Bus is fully compliant with all vehicle regulation and traffic laws at both the Federal and State levels
  • Our operators are extensively trained
  • We have stringent measures in place to ensure that our vehicles meet all applicable safety requirements
  • Our operators and staff are able to clearly communicate and coordinate passenger boarding and alighting

II. You have the right to courteous, clean, and accessible service

  • Our vehicles are diligently cleaned and maintained daily
  • Our operators are specifically selected and trained to exhibit the utmost courtesy to you
  • We promise assistance for disabled persons throughout your traveling experience
  • Barons Bus shall not exhibit discrimination in any form, including price or carriage

III. You have the right to dependable service

  • Barons Bus guarantees on-time service with caveats for situations outside of our operator's control. This may include things like extreme weather conditions, road construction, or traffic congestion.
  • We will provide assistance (upon case review) regarding last-minute cancellations or following a material delay caused by the operator
  • We will provide reasonable compensation or rerouting in the event of overbooking, cancellation, or a material delay caused by the operator

IV. You have the right to timely, accurate communication

  • You have the right to have the most current information regarding our routes, schedules, and travel fares, including bus stop announcements.
  • Barons Bus will provide timely information on service delays and cancellations
  • Our operators and support staff will advise the passenger on pertinent information throughout their travel experience, and are experienced in advising further regarding terminals and online activity

V. You have the right to be heard

  • We have measures in place to handle and address any issues you may have regarding travel, baggage, package express, and accommodations for disabled persons
  • You may lodge complaints via phone at (888) 378-3833 or through our website at
  • If you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of color, race, nationality, religion, or disability, please read the notice; download, print, complete, and mail our Title IV form; and contact us immediately
  • We promise a diligent investigation and timely redress of your complaint

VI. You have a right to transparent safety measures

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration advises that any travelers planning a bus trip or charter consider their safety before buying tickets from unregulated or unabiding carriers. Learn more at FMCSA's website here: FMCSA: Look Before You Book
  • The FMCSA provides a free mobile app called "SaferBus" so that you can review any bus company's safety record prior to buying a ticket or booking a group charter. The SaferBus app is available for free on iOS via the app store or on Android via the Google Play store. For more information, please see the FMCSA's FAQ
  • In addition to the complaint options we've previously listed, you may also lodge complaints with the FMCSA via their toll-free hotline at (888) DOT-SAFT or (888) 368-7238 between the hours of 9:00am and 7:00pm EST, Monday through Friday. Passengers may also lodge complaints online at the National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB)

VII. You have the right to help stop human trafficking & sexual assault

  • Barons Bus operators and support staff are trained to recognize and report any potential or actual instances of human trafficking and sexual assault to the authorities
  • If you've witnessed something suspicious, our operators and support staff are able to coordinate and advise you accordingly. We strive to make reporting avenues known and available to every passenger passing through or near intercity terminals in order to empower them to report observable occurrences of human trafficking or sexual assault to the appropriate authorities.
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