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Barons Bus Luggage Policy


Barons Bus Line does not accept checked baggage and expressly disclaim liability for any lost or damaged baggage and for any injuries caused by or resulting from shifting baggage. Passengers must stow and
transfer their own baggage and must keep any carry-on baggage, including any personal belongings, in their possession at all times. Barons Bus Line does not check bags and does not assume any responsibility for the safe and secure transport of bags over any bus routes, including transfers. Baggage must comply with baggage allowances and restrictions as stated in these Terms. Certain items are not accepted for carriage. See Permitted and Prohibited Items in the following section.

Passengers wishing to stow baggage in the under-bus baggage compartment do so at their own risk. Passengers are responsible for picking up their baggage promptly upon arrival and for transferring their baggage from one bus to another during a transfer. Storage charges may apply for any baggage/items left behind. Passengers requiring special assistance with baggage must speak with Bus Operator personnel to make necessary arrangements.

All passengers are required to clearly label all baggage with their name, address and telephone number.

All bags are subject to search, including at terminals and on buses.

(1) Baggage Allowances

(a) Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on baggage is free of charge and is limited to one item per passenger, with a maximum size of 16 x 12 x 7 inches (42 x 30 x 18 cm) and a maximum weight of 25 lb (7 kg). Slight size deviations from these dimensions may be permitted provided that the total dimensions do not exceed 35 inches (90 cm) when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height). In cases where a passenger brings a piece of baggage that they intend to carry onto the bus, but where the piece of baggage is larger or heavier than the dimensions described in this paragraph, then that piece of baggage: (i) must be stored under the bus, and (ii) counts as the one piece of baggage that the passenger is allowed to store under the bus for free, provided all other requirements set forth in the “Storing Baggage Under the Bus & Excess Baggage” section are met. 

Passengers are solely responsible for carry-on baggage during the entire trip and Barons Bus Line shall not be liable for any missing or damaged carry-on baggage. Passengers are required to stow and monitor their carry-on baggage in a manner that ensures that: (i) the safety and proper operation of the bus is not compromised, and (ii) does not inconvenience other passengers. Carry-on baggage should be, whenever possible, stowed in the overhead compartments or placed under the seats directly in front of the passenger.

Carry-on baggage and its contents shall remain in the care of passengers for the duration of the trip and must be monitored appropriately. If any unauthorized access by third parties is observed, the bus driver should be informed. Passengers are responsible for checking carry-on baggage prior to the end of their trip to ensure that nothing is missing.

(b) Storing Baggage Under the Bus & Excess Baggage

Each passenger may bring one piece of baggage to store under the bus for free with a maximum size of 31 x 20 x 12 inches (80 x 50 x 30 cm) and maximum weight of 50 lb (20 kg) (55 lb or 25 kg are allowed in Mexico). Slight size deviations from these dimensions may be permitted provided that the total dimensions of the item do not exceed 63 inches (160 cm) when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height). Such baggage is considered Standard Size Baggage.

The following types of baggage are allowed for storage under the bus:

Duffel bags
Allowed (but not recommended)
Plastic bags
Paper bags
Items protruding from your baggage

Excess Baggage: To the extent that additional storage space for baggage is available under the bus, excess baggage (in addition to the one allowed bag described above) may be permitted, provided the passenger pays a fee for each additional piece of baggage. Barons Bus Line cannot guarantee that any excess baggage will be allowed. Excess baggage (if allowed for the trip) can be booked during the booking process

Additional Information: Passengers are responsible for loading their own baggage including transferring baggage on trips which include Transfers. Bus Operator personnel will provide any disabled passengers with special assistance with baggage upon request. For all other passengers, Bus Operator personnel will only provide assistance with baggage in exceptional cases, such as when safety is a concern.

(2) Bulky and Oversized Baggage

Bulky Baggage: Baggage larger or heavier than Standard Size Baggage can only be transported as Bulky Baggage. Bulky Baggage shall be limited to one per passenger and must be reserved in advance in advance of every trip and is subject to a Bulky Baggage fee. Bulky Baggage can be booked and paid for during the initial ticket booking process. Bulky Baggage service, fee and availability may vary depending on category, route, line and time of booking.

Fixtures, furnishings or furniture parts, electronic devices, surfboards, and cardboard cartons are prohibited even as Bulky Baggage. Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and bicycles are not considered Bulky Baggage and are subject to special conditions. Non-electronic scooters complying with the above-mentioned weight and size dimensions are allowed. The carriage of e-scooters (excluding Mobility Scooters) is never allowed.

Oversized Baggage: Any baggage that weighs more than 75 lb (34 kg) or with total dimensions that exceed 95 inches (240 cm) when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height) is considered Oversized Baggage and is NOT accepted.

(3) Permitted and Prohibited Items

(a) Valuable Items

Passengers are solely responsible for any valuable or fragile items. Valuable items such as cash, jewelry, precious metals, keys, glasses (sunglasses and/or reading glasses), electronic devices (laptops, iPads, tablets, MP3 players, cellphones, cameras), contact lenses, prostheses, medication, important documents (diploma certificates, other certificates, credentials, passports, driving licenses, securities), etc. and any fragile objects must be in carry-on baggage. Such items may not be stored under the bus or otherwise outside of the passenger’s control. Barons Bus Line is not responsible for any loss or damage to any valuable items which passengers choose to bring on the bus.

(4) Strollers

For passengers traveling with young children, strollers are allowed as Bulky Baggage and are limited to one stroller per child. Strollers must be collapsible. Non-collapsible strollers are not allowed. Subject to these requirements, strollers are conveyed free of charge.

(5) Lost or Forgotten Baggage/Items

All passenger baggage/items brought on the bus are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Barons Bus Line has no responsibility or liability for lost or forgotten baggage/items or for any costs associated with reuniting the passenger with their lost or forgotten baggage/items.

In the event passengers leave baggage/items on the bus, they must complete a lost and found form which may be found here: If a passenger’s lost or forgotten baggage/items are located, the passenger must make arrangements with Barons Bus Line to either: (i) collect the baggage/items from Barons Bus Line directly, or (ii) request that Barons Bus Line ship the  baggage/items, which requires a prepaid shipping label from the passenger. In all instances, the passenger is responsible for any and all costs associated with obtaining lost or forgotten baggage/items.

Click to Fill The Lost Baggage Form

(6) Baggage Liability

Barons Bus Line expressly disclaim liability for any lost or damaged baggage, including strollers and bicycles, and for any injuries caused by or resulting from baggage.

In cases of loss or damage to wheelchairs, mobility aids, or assistive devices used by a qualified individual with a disability resulting from a bus collision or accident, the liability, if any, of the Barons Bus Line for loss of or damage to the same is limited to the lesser of the replacement value or costs of any repairs to the lost or damaged equipment. During the period when the Bus Operator’s liability is being determined and until the disbursement of funds, Barons Bus Line will make all reasonable efforts to procure a temporary replacement of the disabled passenger’s equipment similar to the technical and functional features of the lost or damaged  wheelchair, mobility aid, or assistive device.

Passengers are solely responsible for retrieving all baggage and bicycles, including any baggage or bicycles stored under the bus. Barons Bus Line expressly disclaim any damage or loss which results from a passenger’s failure to timely retrieve his/her baggage.
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