Barons' COVID-19 Response


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I am reaching out today to let you know that the safety of our customers is, and always will be,
our top priority.

Starting May 21st , all passengers boarding the bus must wear a face mask with the exception of
children under the age of four and those who are medically unable to wear a mask, they will
not be required to do so. When transferring to another bus schedule, most interlining carriers
are requiring a mask to be worn. If you are transferring, please check that provider’s website to
see if a mask is required.

The use of a simple face covering slows the spread of the virus and prevents those who
unknowingly have the virus from transmitting it to others. Cloth face coverings made from
common materials can be used as a public health measure in place of face masks. Additional
details are available on the CDC website. Customers who do not have a face covering, or if their
covering is damaged in transit, are asked to speak with their Barons Bus driver or employee and
a disposable mask will be provided.

Precautions We Are Taking:
Our motor coaches are cleaned daily by our service team. We have increased the frequency of
sanitizing surfaces that people regularly come in contact with including the windows and
window sills, hand rails for entering and exiting the vehicle, arm rests, driver steering wheel,
dash area, head rest, restroom door handles, restroom handrails, overhead compartment
handles, overhead handrails, and any other hard surface on the motor coach.

We have also proudly installed hand sanitizing dispensers on every motorcoach. Barons Bus
drivers are encouraged to use the sanitizer every time they enter and exit the vehicle. We
encourage you to join us in using the sanitizers every time you enter and exit the vehicle.

Thank you for cooperation.
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