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When chartering a bus for a group of people - whether it be your family, your wedding party, a child's sports team, or a group of senior citizens for a tour - don’t you want a service provider you can trust? Barons Bus Inc. is a family owned and operated company. We enjoy a strong safety record, and are committed to extensive driver training, regular vehicle service, and maintaining a modernized fleet with the newest safety features available, not the least of which is seat belts for every passenger.

Barons-Bus-LogoBarons Bus Safety Profile

Barons Bus is small family owned and operated company. Our mission is focused on safety and customer experience, leaving each customer with a smile. Barons Bus rates in the top 1% Percent in the country for passage rate of vehicle inspections and driver inspections. Our commitment to customer safety is unrivaled in the industry. Our proactive preventive maintenance plan and tedious driver training program ensure the best and safest options for your group. Please see listed below our Company Profile from FMCSA website, we currently pass roadside inspections at a rate of 99.4 which ranks in the top 1 % nationally.

Barons-Bus-LogoUS Inspection results for 24 months prior to: 04/15/2019

Total Inspections: 193

Note: Total inspections may be less than the sum of vehicle, driver, and hazmat inspections. Go to Inspections Help for further information.

Barons-Bus-LogoYour group’s safety is our number one concern and our stats back that up!

Driver Inspections: 79

Bus Inspections: 157

Bus Out of Service: 0%

Driver Out of Service: 0%

Bus Nat'l Average: 20.72%

Driver Nat'l Average: 5.51%

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