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Whether you need group transportation for leisure or for a corporate event, researching different charter bus companies online can be overwhelming. We’ve created a short list of bus rental tips you can use as you narrow your field.

What area does this charter bus company typically service?

To find the most cost-effective charter price, you’ll want to be looking for bus rental companies which are in close proximity to you, or to your desired pick up point. We have bases of operation in both Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

Does the charter bus company offer long distance travel and day trips?

Some bus rental services offer day trips and tours. Others specialize in cross-country transportation. Barons Bus does both. Whether you’re looking for a transportation service for a one-day field trip or a multi-day excursion across the United States, we’ve handled it all.

How old are the buses in its fleet?

It’s important to know how old a company’s bus fleet is for a number of reasons. Not only is it more pleasant and comfortable to ride on a newer bus, but later model buses have to meet more stringent federal safety standards than older ones. Every Barons Bus is a 2017 or later model motor coach with the best passenger amenities and safety standards on the road.

What kind of bus types are in their fleet?

Charter bus companies sometimes offer different vehicle options in their bus rental packages. You’ll see companies specializing in mini bus rentals. Some focus on school bus rentals. 

We specialize in luxury 56-passenger motor coaches for both our regular line and charter bus services. This allows us to focus our efforts on a particular model that best accommodates our passengers in terms of safety, reliability, and comfort.

Know whether the company charters buses out of their own fleet.

You’ll probably need to ask an agent working with the bus company you’re researching for this information. Some charter bus companies are simply logistics coordinators who contract their bus charters out to another company’s fleet. We maintain, clean, and service our own motor coach bus fleet.

Does the rental/charter bus company offer a wide array of services that fit your group’s needs?

Many bus rental operations offer a cookie-cutter solution for their group travel services. We don’t feel this is the best way to serve our passengers.

We know that large group transportation needs can vary greatly. Transporting a sports team to the big game is going to require different logistics than taking a church group to a retreat. However, there is one constant throughout our different charter bus services, and that’s our guarantee for your comfortable, safe, and reliable riding experience.

Call our charter bus experts at (888) 378-3823 or fill out our online charter bus quote request form to get started with your Barons Bus rental today.

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